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Fife, WA 98424

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Kent, WA 98032

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Payment Terms

Payments for Poulsbo RV.com are based on 20% cash down, plus taxes, PDI charges, and licensing, subject to credit approval and tier 1 credit rating by the lender. The payment range is subject to change based on the credit score, conditions, RV type, and price. The term length for RV financing varies depending on the year and sale price, with options for 240 months, 180 months, and 120 months. For travel trailers, financing term lengths are usually under 180 months, while some Fifth Wheels can be financed for up to 240 months. Please contact us for current rates and terms on the RV you are interested in. Please note that searching online for payments on Poulsbo RV is a guideline, and prices/payments do not include tax, license fees, and PDI charges. Additionally, the dealer may charge a documentary service fee of up to $200.


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