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RV Service Specials

Put Your Mind to Rest with an RV Service Specials Inspection

RVs need regular upkeep and preventative maintenance to prevent costly repairs. Our RV service specials inspections will help you keep your RV in tip top shape so it’s always ready for your next adventure. Every RV should be serviced every 6-12 months. Poulsbo RV offers; Over 30 Years of RV Service Experience Five Convenient RV Dealership Locations 35 RV Service Bays RVIA Master Certified Technicians
1. Seal Inspection

Here at Poulsbo RV know that one of the worst potential problems RV owners face is leakage. Once water gets past the sealed membranes under the roof and around the body of your RV, costly damage from mold, mildew and other unhealthy conditions can quickly follow.

So we check the roof seals plus seals throughout the body of your RV. We make sure all lap seals are still pliable, as well as assure there are no cracks, voids or adhesions.

Bad seals can ruin your RV. With regular inspections, we can make sure that won’t happen.

2. LP Leak Check

Have you ever run through your propane while out on an RV adventure? Then you may have had an LP leak. And it’s not just the inconvenience that could be the problem. It’s a matter of safety.
Our RVIA certified technicians will test all the fittings in your RV to insure your LP lines are safe and secure.

3. LP Pressure Check
One of the ways to prevent a potentially dangerous LP leak is to make sure that your propane system is operating at the correct pressure. With our specialized, up-to-date equipment and technician training, we can make sure your LP systems are properly calibrated and operating to spec.
4. Refrigerator Check
When you and your family are out in the wild, your refrigerator is essential for both health and happiness. Our RVIA technicians will check your system’s air flow, door seals, and cooling fins, plus make sure condensation isn’t doing damage where water can do its worst.
5. Stove/Oven Check:
When you bring in an RV to our shop, we’ll safely check to be sure your stove and oven are fully operational. That includes making sure all propane lines are tight and secure, and that your thermocouple is working perfectly to shut off the propane if a problem develops on the road. It’s not just about turning out a good plate of food; it’s about safety.
6. Furnace Check

Our expert technicians have seen it all, and fixed it all. Let us inspect the ducts, burners and inner workings of your RV Furnace system. From the intake to the exhaust, heating systems can collect dust and worse (the fireside stories of bugs, rodents or even birds you’ve heard are true). Obstructions in the intake tube will cause an overly rich mixture at the burner, resulting in incomplete combustion. Obstructions in the exhaust tube can be a fire hazard.
Regular inspections will prevent any of these problems from causing any permanent damage.

7. Water Heater Check

Whether electric, propane or instant, Poulsbo RV techs know how to make sure your water heater will remain in its best condition. We’ll check for leaks, clean out any tank mineral deposits and make sure any bypass kits are properly installed. Your RV’s plumbing is a complex system. We will make sure it’s ready for the road.

8. Exterior Light Check

Any electrical system constantly exposed to the outside needs care. Our technicians will find and inspect every socket on your rig.

9. 12V Charging System Check

Making sure your battery charging system is good to go is no simple task, but our technicians are experts; they’ll check everything and find any problems that might ruin your trip. They’ll check your converter and voltage, and make sure all the contacts are clean and corrosion free.

10. Battery Hydrometer Check

Each cell in your battery contains highly acidic electrolyte. Testing each one can be dangerous unless done by a professional. But this is the best way to tell if your battery is developing a weak cell, or is approaching the end of its lifespan. Our RVIA certified techs can perform these tests safely, and make sure that your battery is dependable.

11. Generator Performance Check

Generators require maintenance based on their type and model, so our experienced technicians will use their years of knowledge to keep yours in peak condition. Whether the oil or fuel filters need changing, or the slip rings and brushes require maintenance, we’ll keep your generator ready to go.

12. Chassis Fluid Condition/Level Check

Like any Motor Vehicle, an RV needs fluid checks to keep running smoothly. Engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and hydraulic fluid each need to be checked for both quantity and quality.

13. 110V Polarity Check

Nothing is more frustrating than a circuit that keeps tripping, over and over. Avoid this problem with a polarity check done by one of our RVIA certified technicians. They’ll find the problem and solve it before you go out on the road.

14. Fresh Water System Check

Making sure there are no leaks or other problems with your Fresh Water System takes a careful use of pressure. Our RVIA Certified Technicians are well trained and always keep up to date on how to test and evaluate this important part of your RV. And we always make sure the equipment they use is the best.

15. Brake Check (Towables Only):

Whether your towable has electric or hydraulic brakes, for the safety or you and your family, they must be checked once a year. Come in to Poulsbo RV and make sure that they and all your RVs systems are safe and functioning.

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