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New for 2025 at Poulsbo RV

New for 2025: Winnebago


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It’s only June 2024, but it looks like 2025 has arrived early at Poulsbo RV. And we’re all for it! So far, this year looks like it holds some amazing technological breakthroughs in store. And leading the way, as usual, is Winnebago. From groundbreaking RVs to game-changing features, Winnebago’s heritage is unrivaled for continuous industry firsts in vehicle technology and design. Here’s the new line-up!

The Class C Classic: Minnie Winnie

The 2025 Minnie Winnie

When you hear the name Winnebago, or see that big W on the side of an RV, what do you think of? A lot of people think of their childhoods: the family trips, the time on the road with their siblings. Some think of the children they took to see the best of the world: the Grand Canyon, giant redwoods, and all the quiet lakes and fun-filled campsites.


 For us, when we see that big, red W, we know if means superior craftsmanship, safety, and industry leading technology. We know that, at the factory, every single RV they have manufactured is subjected to the “water test”. Winnebago’s water test involves spraying 1,000 gallons a minute, all around the motorhome. This test is done with the slide/s in and the slide/s out. During this process, a technician is going through the motorhome to detect any possible water leaks.


 We know that the one-piece fiberglass roof, the Adzel panels, their proprietary E-coat process to protect their steel framing, all means that this RV will LAST.


And what did we think when we brought on the All-New 2025 Minnie Winnie?


We saw a top-notch, family friendly motor home that made *us* want to get out with our families on the road. We saw a compact, Ford V-8 350 horsepower Class C that had spacious interiors, a full galley kitchen, large double- fridge, plenty of storage both inside and out, and could sleep between 5 and 8 friends and family.


Oh, and we saw the high-tech safety features too, like Ford’s Smart Driver Assist Technology Package includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and more. 

The Class C View

The 2025 View 24T

This year, Winnebago has upgraded their View® line with the all-new 24T model. The new View® 24T is at the leading edge of RV innovation, offering unmatched freedom and functionality. Its innovative design, featuring a luxurious interior and state-of-the-art tech, redefines what it means to travel in style.


The View comes standard with Winnebago Connect,™ the all-new intelligent RV platform that seamlessly integrates with your Winnebago app. It provides travel prep resources, automated controls with smart energy management and more.


The all-new lithium power package comes standard with a 320-amp-hour lithium battery and dedicated second alternator to charge the batteries faster while driving. The lithium battery and 240W solar panels work together to help ensure you’ll have clean and quiet power when shore power isn’t available. The available Generator Replacement Package increases power with a 950-amp-hour lithium battery and 480W solar panels.


Winnebago offers an optional Mercedes-Benz® all-wheel drive Sprinter chassis featuring a 2.0L high-output turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine and 9-speed automatic overdrive transmission. Those who opt for AWD will enjoy higher ground clearance to better handle adverse weather conditions and more rugged terrain.

The Class C Porto

The 2025 Class C Porto

The Porto® is back for 2025 and better than ever, with new decor, enhanced amenities and best-in-class features designed for longer, more luxurious stays.


The new interior décor highlights the upgraded amenities, including the stainless sink and new 12-volt

refrigerator, larger Dream Dinette™ table, and available theater seating. In addition to the powered patio awning and ample exterior storage, along with the Bluetooth™-capable automatic 4-point hydraulic leveling system.


Designed to let you stay out longer, the 37-gal freshwater tank is matched with best-in-class 41-gal gray & blackwater tanks, while the 3.6kw LP generator or available 3.2kw diesel generator. Plus, dual 100-watt solar panels, keep the dual house batteries charged up for extended camping.


Enjoy a better night’s sleep in the class-leading 60″ x 75″ queen bed, which features the WinnSleep®

sleep system with four integrated technologies that combine to create a cool, comfortable sleeping

environment with exceptional pressure relief and support as well as improved air circulation.


Powered by the 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo Mercedes-Benz Sprinter diesel engine, the Porto comes equipped with the MBUX® Multimedia Infotainment Center as well as safety features like active brake assist, driver alert system, and lane keeping.

The Class A Vista® and Vista® NPF

The 2025 Vista NPF

Updated styling and legendary Winnebago® quality, this Class A gas Vista® is perfect for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. A spacious interior in an easy-driving coach for you to travel to your destination. Best in class features include highest exterior storage capacity, largest holding tanks and most expansive views, thanks to its 1-piece windshield and streamlined A-pillars. Frameless, tinted windows offer stunning, unobstructed views from your coach.


New contemporary interior styling featuring a spacious lounge, luxurious Ultrafabrics® Select furnishings, and extra sleeping areas with the powered StudioLoft™ bed. And finally, Winnebago Control™ provides convenient access to all major coach systems from an easy-to-use control panel or your phone app.


The Vista® NPF — National Park Foundation Limited Edition – adds still more to the Vista’s already ample package. With exclusive features and advanced energy technology, the spacious insides are engineered into a body sized to fit almost any campsite. Other additions include an Upgraded Solar Energy System

Standard 320-amp hour lithium-ion battery, charge controller and 3 solar panels provide 3 times the

unplugged power. For better outdoor living, armless patio awning overlaps the batwing awning: to provide 2 sides of seamless wraparound protection and 310 sq. ft. of covered exterior living and entertaining space.


The NPF edition stands out with its special mountain-inspired paint scheme, while its “Town and Country” interior with Salinas oak cabinets and trim provides a special outdoorsy feel reminiscent of our most iconic national parks.


Lastly, he Tailgate Package is perfect for entertaining or cooking while chilling outside. The exterior galley includes a refrigerator, sink, LP quick connect for a portable stove or grill, and other convenient accessories.

Standard in ALL Winnebago Class As: Advanced Driver Confidence Technology Systems

Driving a Class A RV can be intimidating; the sheer size that allows for so much luxury on the inside makes the road feel small and tight on the outside. So Winnebago has put together a suite of 9 advanced technologies designed to enhance your comfort behind the wheel.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

Using advanced radar technology, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control lets you set a cruising speed and distance from the vehicle ahead of you. When that vehicle slows, you automatically slow, and then resume your preset speed and distance when traffic picks back up.

Distance Alert + Distance Indication

Distance Alert

The Distance Alert System is designed to help you maintain your distance relative to the vehicle ahead. The system self-adjusts according to the speed and movement of the vehicle ahead, and alerts you should you approach too quickly.

Pre-Collision Assist with Active Braking Support

Pre-Collision Alert

Pre-Collision Assist uses camera technology to detect and alert you to a potential collision with a vehicle or pedestrian directly in front of you during day or nighttime driving. The system can pre-charge and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you brake, and if a collision is imminent, provide active braking support.

Lane Keeping System

Lane-Keeping System

The Lane Keeping System scans lane markings on both sides of your vehicle, and will send an audible signal if it senses you are drifting outside of your lane. If it detects repeated lane drifts, the system will display a warning in the message center suggesting you pull over and take a break.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control uses sensors to monitor the speed of each wheel to determine the coach‘s steering angle and direction. If you have to steer sharply, the system adjusts the speed of each wheel to help counter under- or oversteer, making your motorhome more stable and easier to control.

Traction Control

Traction Control

Traction Control helps maintain your motorhome’s grip on the road in unfavorable weather conditions. When the system detects a loss of traction on one or more wheels, it applies selective braking to individual wheels to prevent excessive wheelspin and help maintain control.

Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist

When stopped on a slope, the system holds the brake for up to 3 seconds as you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator and begin driving again

Auto High Beam Headlamps/Control

High Beam Control

This system senses poor lighting conditions and switches on the high beams to light the road ahead. It also senses oncoming headlights and dims high beams automatically, so you can stay focused without worrying about blinding other drivers.

Transmission Range Indicator

Transmission Range Indicator

In Manual Shift Mode, the Transmission Range Indicator provides a visual reference of the gear (M1-M6) you are currently driving in.

All this and Winnebago’s history of quality, safety and luxury are why we make sure they are part of Poulsbo RV’s family of products. Come in and check out the entire line to find out which one would serve you best!

New for 2025: Winnebago

It’s only June 2024, but it looks like 2025 has arrived early at Poulsbo RV. And we’re all for it!

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