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Kent, WA 98032

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Consign Your RV

RV Consignments | Consign Your RV with the Poulsbo RV Team

Sell Your RV with Poulsbo RV

Trying to sell your own RV can be a nightmare. Preparing your camper (detailing, electrical and mechanical repair), advertising, availability are all difficult enough. Then you have the hassle of haggling with the potential customer.


When it comes time to sell your RV, it only makes sense to benefit from letting the #1 volume RV Dealer in Western Washington consign your RV for you.

No selling or storage FEES
Most Consignments sell within 30 days
Thousands of website visits daily
The Largest RV advertiser in the NW
Five locations in Washington State
Thousands of customer visits monthly
Over 90 knowledgeable sales people and a team of Consignment Specialists
We offer competitive financing and warranties for buyers
We take care of everything for you when we sell your RV!

Contact our Consignment Team Today!

Let our RV Consignment Team be your Personal RV Consignment Dealer 

If you’re looking to sell your RV quickly and effectively, consider letting the RV Consignment team take care of it for you. With their expertise in selling RVs, they can help you get the best price for your vehicle in the shortest amount of time. From advertising and marketing to negotiations and paperwork, they handle every aspect of the sale process, so you can sit back and relax while they do the work for you. In our top-notch service department, our RVIA certified technicians will bring your unit up to its best condition. Our sales staff will be ready to find you the best buyer. Trust the professionals at RV Consignment and sell your RV with ease. 

Step-by-Step: How to Sell an RV on Consignment


Make a Plan


Get paid

We May Already Have A Buyer for Your Motorhome or Trailer


Poulsbo RV’s advertising efforts bring in hundreds of potential buyers each week. Our advertising includes, broadcast television, radio advertising, newspapers throughout Washington State, and Direct mail. Plus, our continuously updated Website and Custom Chat system will be used to direct customer looking for a used RV right to yours. 


With Five locations in Washington State (Fife, Kent, Everett, Mount Vernon, and Sumner) and being the Northwest’s #1 Volume RV Dealer, you’ll feel confident that Poulsbo RV is the best choice to consign your RV. Why would you consign your RV with a small dealership that doesn’t advertise? Why would you consign with a Mom and Pop dealership that only see’s 10-15 prospective buyers in a week, when Poulsbo RV receives over 1,000 inquires on our website alone?


If you attempt to sell your own RV, and you get a potential buyer, the sale still might not take place because the potential buyer usually only has one source of financing. Our Finance Specialists are experts with connections to banking services through the community. They’re the best at finding favorable financing the customer. This greatly increases the chance of selling your RV quickly and painlessly.

What is my RV worth


It can be tricky to determine what’s your RV worth. We have the right tools and experience to help you get the most for your RV, and you deserve it. With our easy to use form, you’ll fill in some general details to get the process started. Next we will connect with you and go over some more details.

 If you are looking to get your RV sold quickly, we are here to help. No need to go through the hassle of listing it online or dealing with potential buyers. We will buy your RV directly from you, offering a simple and hassle-free process. With our fast and efficient service, you call your trailer or motor home “Sold,” and walk away with cash in your pocket in no time. Contact us today to get started. 

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Payment Terms

Payments for Poulsbo RV.com are based on 20% cash down, plus taxes, PDI charges, and licensing, subject to credit approval and tier 1 credit rating by the lender. The payment range is subject to change based on the credit score, conditions, RV type, and price. The term length for RV financing varies depending on the year and sale price, with options for 240 months, 180 months, and 120 months. For travel trailers, financing term lengths are usually under 180 months, while some Fifth Wheels can be financed for up to 240 months. Please contact us for current rates and terms on the RV you are interested in. Please note that searching online for payments on Poulsbo RV is a guideline, and prices/payments do not include tax, license fees, and PDI charges. Additionally, the dealer may charge a documentary service fee of up to $200.