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The Dynamax DX3

Poulsbo RV’s Newest, LARGEST, Super C Yet: The Dynamax DX3


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There’s no doubt, since we’ve upped our Super C game, these powerful, durable, luxury-filled machines have only grown in popularity. We asked and you told us that you want that larger chassis, that enormous powerplant, and all that horsepower. You want the towing power and the storage space. And most of all, you want the reassurance that — should something go wrong while you’re on the road — you can pull in to almost any service station that handles large trucks.


So, what do we do here at Poulsbo RV when we’ve found out what people want.


We double down.


Welcome to our Newest, Biggest, most Powerful Super C yet: the Dynamax DX3!

DX3 images

The Build

The DX3 emanates a legendary level of power, prestige, and precision. It turns heads with its impeccable paint schemes and eye-catching curb appeal. A look under the DX3’s hood reveals an impressive Freightliner M2-106 powerhouse that showcases the Detroit DD8 7.7L 375 HP engine and the Allison 3200 TRV automatic transmission, resulting in remarkable torque (1,050 lb.-ft.) and towing capacity (20,000 lbs.). All this power and performance is perfectly matched with a living space that exceeds expectations.


Need more? Try the Explorer Package with Insulated Cab Curtain; Two Lithium House Batteries (600aH Total); 1,000W Solar Package; & Insulated Utility Bay. Stay out longer.

DX3 Interior Images

The Interior

You won’t lack for comfort in the DX3. The King bed, the Theater Seating, and the LED lighting will leave you with no doubt: the DX3 was built to be rugged on the road, but pure luxury on the inside.


The Kitchen is Residential with a Capital R. And there is even room for a Washer/Dryer!


You’ll love the space, the length, and the technological touches throughout.


Take a look for yourself. But don’t wait too long. Quantities on Super C’s can’t keep up with demand. If you want to start out this Summer Season with a Class C+ that will turn even a trucker’s head in admiration, then the DX3 is the RV for you!

New for 2025: Winnebago

It’s only June 2024, but it looks like 2025 has arrived early at Poulsbo RV. And we’re all for it!

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