Poulsbo RV of Sumner

136th Avenue East
Sumner, WA 98047

Poulsbo RV of MT. Vernon

510 Eleanor Lane

Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Poulsbo RV of Everett

12218 Highway 99 S

Everett, WA 98204

Poulsbo RV of Fife

2950 Pacific HWY E

Fife, WA 98424

Poulsbo RV of Kent

23051 Military RD. South

Kent, WA 98032

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There are RVs … and there are RVs

There are RVs … and there are RVs


There are so many features to look for in an RV.  Among motorhomes one can choose between gas or diesel, sleeping accommodations, appliances, furnishings: all sorts of little luxuries and necessities. Towables come in trailers or toy haulers or fifth wheels. There are indoor and outdoor kitchens, garages and plenty of other variations from which to choose.


But some people go even further and create RVs that can stand as works of art, ranging in theme from atomic,


Atomic RV



to steampunk,



Steampunk RV



to totally retro.



Totally Retro



There’s even an all-Lego trailer—a *functioning* RV made of Lego! My inner child leapt with joy when I saw that one.



Lego RV



Or they can be technological marvels that fill us with pride and envy in equal parts.



Technical Marvel



Last, there’s an RV wrapped especially to celebrate our favorite Seattle team, modified here at Poulsbo RV and eventually sold to a fellow fan. Yeah, we liked that one a lot. And we’re glad it found a good home.


Go Hawks!



There’s nothing that makes us, here at Poulsbo RV, happier than knowing that the RV community is as creative and vibrant as ever.


Thanks. And travel safely!

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