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More Tailgating Tips

More Tailgating Tips


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More Tailgating Tips

Tailgating Tips : RVing and cooking bring people together. Both offer new and unique experiences, but what’s the best way to enjoy cooking while you’re RVing? Here are our RV food tips:


Everything Starts at the Grocery Store


Keep in mind the reason you are RVing. Is it to spend as much quality time doing outdoor activities or to spend time in the kitchen? Quick and easy meals with limited preparation and cleanup are usually best to get you back out enjoying nature. If you are cooking a big meal, you may want to consider cooking large portions so there are leftovers to enjoy for the next few days.


Maximize Space


RVs often have limited kitchen space. We recommend using cabinet stackers and hanging cooking utensils on the wall to make sure we maximize the storage space. When purchasing your RV you may want to consider one with a pantry.


Prepare Food Before the Trip(Tailgating Tips)


It can save a lot of time to prepare your meals before hitting the road. Things like pancake and waffle mix can be measured and packed ahead of time. Pre-marinate meats and vegetables so, when you’re ready, you just have to cook them. Pasta and other starches can be cooked, put in a plastic bag and refrigerated so you just have to warm them up rather than waiting for boiling water.


Lock it all Down


An RV is a bouncing house on wheels. It can be frustrating to get to your campsite and realize that your food is all over your RV. Arrange things to fit snugly in cabinets. Use rods and bungees to help keep things from moving around.


Paper and Plastic


Paper plates and plastic silverware are an RVers friend. They are lightweight, and the best part is they don’t require any cleanup. If you’re going to be boondocking, you’ll enjoy saving the water of your freshwater tank by not doing having to do the dishes.


Get Local


Local farmers’ markets offer fresh produce that are great for preparing in the RV. It can add to the adventure to seek out food that isn’t native to the area where you live. Just be careful and report it when crossing borders.


Clean Up


If you don’t clean up and properly dispose of food scraps after eating, animals will pay you a visit. Not only can animals visits ruin a good time, but there’s the real possibility of danger in these encounters. Also it’s bad for the animals to get used to humans as a food source. Bad for them. Bad for us.


Eric Hannan is a full time RVer and writer.
Check out his RVing Blog at www.shorelooksnice.com

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