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Master Techs: Poulsbo RV’s Secret Weapon

Master Techs: Poulsbo RV’s Secret Weapon


Being an RV Technician is not a simple thing.


First, let’s consider what an RV actually is: a house that must be able to endure what is essentially a small but continuous earthquake for hours at a time whenever you take to the road.


That would make an RV Technician a person who:


• Maintains and repairs roofs made of everything from tin to fiberglass
• Fixes framing made of anything from wood to aluminum to steel
• Deals with all manner of plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, heating, propane, gas and hydraulic systems
• Installs Satellite systems, and maintains Wi-Fi and GPS systems
• Repairs or replaces and installs appliances, generators and furniture
• Installs or repairs towing systems
• Inspects, repairs, or replaces brake systems
• Change the oil and fluids on RV engines


And all of this on an object that must be strong enough to withstand continuous earthquakes for hours at a time.


But that’s not all. In fact, it’s not even the half of it.


The same technological advances that have come to our homes and cars have also been racing forward in the world of RVs. Back-up cameras, solar systems, GPS systems, and more. With each new product comes a new subject to master and teach.


So we at Poulsbo RV have a training program to keep all our techs up-to-date and ready. Primarily responsible for that is our Master Teacher: Bill Sauders.


Master Technician Bill Sauders got his start repairing and maintaining RVs 47 years ago. He’s been teaching for 17 years. He’s seen the evolution of the modern RV firsthand.


“When I started in 1970, the average trailer had a refrigerator, a heater, a cooktop/oven, and gas lights. Today we have satellite systems, coaches with Wi-Fi and cellphone boosters. ” And it’s changing every day.


The way Bill runs his Five-Stores-A-Week weekly classes usually begins with a video of an older version of the day’s subject.


It often brings a laugh to the class as they shake their heads at the antiquated tech. Then, it’s all hands-on; a mechanical dissection that takes place at each table. Bill will sometimes stay later to be sure every one of our techs get their hands dirty. Only then is class dismissed and the workday starts.


All this happens, usually, before sun-up.


No job is easy. But when you think of the men and women who fix and maintain your RV, remember it’s not just turning a wrench. It’s all about hi-tech too.


Oh, and Bill, we don’t see you getting any less busy.

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