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Travel Trailers

All About RVs | Part 6: Travel Trailers


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Towable Travel Trailers are a great way to get started in the RV Lifestyle. Trailers are the most popular and usually the least expensive of towable RVs. Some are even light enough to be pulled by the family car. They come in a wide range of sizes, types, floor plans and prices. There are so many options available!

They are easy to hitch up, too, using a tongue jack that attaches near the bumper of your tow vehicle. Once you reach your campsite, you then have that vehicle available for further excursions.

There are a variety of sizes and types of travel trailers: from small tear-drop models with exterior “chuck wagon” style outdoor kitchens to large trailers, 40 feet in length with multiple slide-outs and as many features as a top-tier motorized recreational vehicle. Ask at any of our 5 RV dealer locations to help decide the right kind of RV for you.

The Advantages of Travel Trailers

When you decide to buy a Travel Trailer, your best advantage is variety.
Small trailers are sometimes also called “lite” or lightweight because they can be towed by SUVs or even some cars. They come built for a wide variety of campers. As an example, Forest River RV — one of our favorite RV Manufacturers — provides us with both the R-Pod, created to offer affordable luxury at the lowest tow weight in its class, as well as the No-Bo (aka No Boundaries): built with its “Beast Mode” suspension system to carry adventurers into the wildest places an RV can go.

No-Bo Beast Mode

Small trailers can weigh as little as 1,500 pounds or as much as a half-ton. They’re versatile and easy to pull along, plan for, and play with.


Medium and Large trailers run the gamut with floorplans of every kind. Do you want 40 feet of luxury with multiple slide-outs, residential kitchen appliances, electronics and entertainment centers, outdoor kitchens, a washer dryer and a King bed? We have that floorplan ready for you.


Maybe you’re looking at bunkhouse travel trailers to camp with all the kids and all their friends. We have so many models from the best manufacturers to show you. We’ll help you choose. 


Finally, there are Destination Trailers; if you have that perfect vacation spot, the king where you like to stay for weeks, or even months, a Destination Trailer could be your second home away from home. They can be placed semi-permanently, and they offer high ceilings, loft sleeping for the kids, full-sized residential everything and their sliding glass doors bathe the living space in natural light and beautiful views. Plus, your towing vehicle is already there with you, pretty much as if you’ve arrived at your own private summer cottage.


Come take a look at our CrossRoads Hampton models. You’ll be shocked that something that looks this good can be an RV. 

Hampton Interior

Travel Trailer Features


The total weight of a Travel Trailer depends on its length, features, finishes and appliances. Some smaller campers can weigh as little as 1,500 pounds, while a top-end full-size luxury model can measure 45 feet in length, and weigh over 10,000 pounds. It’s important to be sure that your pick-up SUV or car can pull these weights. Consult with our trained and knowledgeable sales people to go through our wide selection of travel trailers.


There are a number of features which can help you take your rig into the deeper wilds. The two most important things to consider are power sources and water management.

The more water you can carry, the longer your adventure can last, so look for models with larger fresh water holding tanks.

Most newer rigs come with solar ready wiring. Adding solar panels and extra batteries will help you stay off-grid longer.

Extended Living

If your dream is to spend time on the road all year long, you will want to ask our dealers for models with more insulation, more air-conditioning units, and dual-pane insulating windows. Imagine a cozy winter day in the forest in the deluxe living spaces in your Travel or Destination Trailer with top-of-the-line amenities and high-end features for the best travel experience. From king bedrooms and high-ceiling living spaces to gourmet kitchens and comfortable and stylish bathrooms, these upscale RVs provide all the comforts, craftsmanship and conveniences of home. They have plenty of storage capacity as well, for all your toys and equipment. Please contact us to help you find an RV with everything you need. Browse all floorplans we have to offer at any of our five RV dealerships, and we’ll find you your second home on the road.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Trailers

What is a Tongue Jack?

A trailer tongue jack functions as a way to lift and then lower the hitch of your RV in order to attach it to your towing vehicle. It also enables you to level your rig front to back once it has been unhitched. Along with stabilizing jacks, you’ll be ready to park at your campsite.

There are two kinds of Tongue Jack: hand cranked and powered. If your trailer is lightweight, a hand-cranked model will be enough. It also can’t fail, since it isn’t dependent on being hooked to your battery. It requires some physical strength to manage, but in many cases, its perfectly fine for the job.

Powered Jacks are much easier, of course. At the touch of a button you can raise or lower the nose of your RV as needed. Be sure to have your batteries charged and properly connected.

Here at Poulsbo RV, we have top-notch Service and Parts departments to provide and install everything you need to level and pull your rig safely and easily. They will happily advise you and demonstrate how to use your tongue jack as well.

Can I Pull a Travel Trailer with my Current Car/SUV/Truck?

Depending on the specifications of your current car, SUV or truck, as well as the weight of your preferred rig, we can find a manufacturer and model that will provide the right RV for you. If you want to trade up to a more heavy-duty pulling vehicle, we can direct you to those models which will tow your dream rig.

What Safety Features are Available for Pulling my Rig

Modern Travel Trailers have many features to make towing easier and safer. I may take a while to get used to maneuvering a trailer. To keep your RV under your control, you might want to consider the following features as you select your RV:

Blind Spot Warning & Backup Camera

Knowing what is behind and to either side of your rig is a lifesaver on the road. These cameras and sensors can help keep you safe. They have also been known to save friendships and marriages with their handy parking uses.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Electric brakes that are activated by an electrical connection to your car/SUV/pick-up are essential to your safety. In addition, US federal laws require an automatic emergency braking system that applies the brakes if the trailer comes unhitched from the towing vehicle.

Central Control Panel System for all Electrical Appliances

With the electrical controls all in one place you can quickly and easily access everything and manage power flow in your rig. No more dead batteries! Plus, you can usually use the included app on your phone to control everything from slide-outs to air conditioning and heat. After a day of adventuring, you can have your RV ready and waiting for your comfortable return.

Shop & Compare: Part 1

When looking at luxury Fifth Wheels, we know those desirable features. With that split-level architecture creating ultra-high high ceilings, there’s

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Payment Terms

Payments for Poulsbo RV.com are based on 20% cash down, plus taxes, PDI charges, and licensing, subject to credit approval and tier 1 credit rating by the lender. The payment range is subject to change based on the credit score, conditions, RV type, and price. The term length for RV financing varies depending on the year and sale price, with options for 240 months, 180 months, and 120 months. For travel trailers, financing term lengths are usually under 180 months, while some Fifth Wheels can be financed for up to 240 months. Please contact us for current rates and terms on the RV you are interested in. Please note that searching online for payments on Poulsbo RV is a guideline, and prices/payments do not include tax, license fees, and PDI charges. Additionally, the dealer may charge a documentary service fee of up to $200.


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