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Shop & Compare: Redwood vs. Solitude

Shop & Compare: Part 1


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When looking at luxury Fifth Wheels, we know those desirable features. With that split-level architecture creating ultra-high high ceilings, there’s a space for the sort of amenities that are usually associated with Class A mansions on wheels. King beds, luxury baths, plush living spaces, the latest tech and better-than-residential kitchens: we know what you’re looking for.


So why did we choose the Redwood over its nearest competitors?


As our reps from Redwood told us, “The Redwood interior design is a testament to the brand’s commitment to impeccable craftsmanship,” the company says. “From the moment you step inside, you are greeted with meticulously crafted details that exude luxury. High-quality materials, including premium hardwoods, luxurious fabrics and refined finishes, create an ambiance of opulence that rivals high-end residences.”


Let’s compare.




The biggest difference between the CrossRoads Redwood and the Grand Design Solitude is in the roof: a double-welded Aluminum truss-system versus old-style wood. The roof is the most-likely-to-fail part of the RV, so we chose Redwood’s light-weight Aluminum trusses for greater safety, strength and efficiency.


This so important in roof design. Wooden trusses take up more roof space, and more importantly, leave room for condensation to form. Wood can also hold on to moisture. And, as we all know water damage is the most likely cause of damage to an RV. 


Plus, we love the Redwood’s Custom F.I.T. 2.0 welded Aluminum chassis with six-point hydraulic jacks, a MORryde LRE 4100 suspension system, Falcon 8,000-LB axles, and a Falcon 2″ receiver hitch rated at 3,000 pounds. When you walk through the Redwood, you’ll feel the structural integrity of this machine.

The Redwood’s Custom F.I.T. 2.0 welded Aluminum chassis

Insulation, Heating & Cooling


Both the Solitude and the Redwood are designed for four-season camping. Both feature fully-closed and heated underbellies, excellent insulation and great furnaces and air conditioning. But the reason we chose the Redwood is for the energy efficiency and effectiveness of its 2-Zone, A/C cooling, over the standard “racetrack” style of the Solitude. The Redwood’s insulated ductwork keeps cold air colder and reduces damaging condensation.


The Redwood’s heating system is laid out with the same thoughtful design. Floor ducted heat spans the entire length of the RV for evenly distributed heat. Water lines run parallel to the heat ducts to keep lines from freezing.


For quick and aesthetically pleasing heat, 5,300 BTU Electric Fireplaces can make up to 1,000 square feet extra toasty. Heat Pumps dedicated for bedroom and bathroom add to both comfort and efficiency.


Plus, the high-tech Power Management System detects amp service and automatically regulates energy usage. Speaking of which…


Electronics, Bells & Whistles


Both of these high-end RVs have their modern upgrades: solar panel packages, inverters, and docking ports for charging our phones, tablets and gear. But there are upgrades, and there are UPGRADES. Redwood’s extras are all-cap superior.


Aside from the quality-of-life improving features like the KeyTV multisource signal controller, the bed-tilt systems, and WIRELESS charging ports, the Redwood also has added the Firefly system, an on-screen and mobile app to provide complete and convenient control of your RV.


The Firefly Eclipse app provides ambient temperature monitoring and HVAC system control to ensure you (and the pets with whom you travel!) are safe and comfortable. For owners who enjoy boondocking, the Firefly app provides quick and accurate tank level visibility. The Firefly Touchscreen gives owners a look at freshwater levels so they can ration water usage appropriately.


The Firefly System also offers essential key features such as system status reports. The Firefly multiplex also operates lights, slides, leveling jacks, HVAC systems and the generator.


Additional advantages include Furrion Vision S obstruction and blind-spot monitoring prep, a unified wiring system (to make tracking down problems *much* easier), and a water-manifold with direct lines to plumbing fixtures and those all-important shut-off valves in case of emergency.




Both the Redwood and the Solitude have excellent storage space, including ultra-convenient pass-through storage. But we chose the Redwood for the cleverest version. When you Start loading your Redwood with your favorite toys, you’ll find an inner wall of tracks like you see in hardware stores, to which you can hook your stuff. It’s a little thing, but the simple quality-of-life smart design is just SO Redwood.

Redwood Pass-Through Storage System



The Redwood stands out even beside other standout RVs. It offers the strongest foundation, the most innovative technologies and the most luxurious full-time living amenities, CrossRoads offers one of the best 2/3 Year warranties in the business. Plus, with Poulsbo RV’s state-of-the-art service centers and parts departments, you’ll be well taken care of.


If the Redwood sounds like the right Rig for you, don’t waste any time and give us a call. We’ll give you a tour!

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