Consign or Sell your RV

Consign or sell your RV

Should you Consign or Sell your RV?


With Five locations in Washington State (Fife, Kent, Everett, Mount Vernon, and Sumner) and being the Northwest #1 volume dealer you’ll feel confident that Poulsbo RV is the best choice to consign your RV. Why would you consign your RV with a small dealership that doesn’t advertise? Why would you consign with a Mom and Pop dealership that only See’s 10-15 prospective buyers in a week, when Poulsbo RV receives over 1,000 inquires just on website alone?

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Sell Your RV to us


Selling your RV can be difficult. You are competing with thousands of other RV’s dealers and sellers, phone calls, creating appointments and have nobody show up, plus dealing with the banks and buyers can be time consuming.

We handle everything: Title work, and pay-offs. Quick and Easy!

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