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Leveling Systems & Stabilizer Jacks - The RV Doctor's Orders


Leveling Systems & Stabilizer Jacks - The RV Doctor's Orders

RV Entry Step Repair
Retractable steps make getting in and out of your RV pretty easy. The convenience of retractable steps means you do not need a step stool to climb in and out because your steps are right there when you open the door. If they aren't kept up, they become rusted or just start to look worn out and old. That is when they start to take away from the overall appearance and value of the RV.

Preventative Tips for your RV Entry Steps
The entry steps might be the easiest maintenance you do on your RV. The first thing to do in order to preserve your entry steps is to keep them lubricated. Grease all moving parts to keep them sliding in and out with ease. Next, is to make sure they are put away anytime bad weather arises or to make it simple just put them away whenever not in use. One trick that a few other fellow RVers have used is to apply Herculiner (DIY) or Rhino lining, LineX (professional) to the steps for a slip free surface that never wears out or gets damaged.

We Repair and Service RV Entry Steps

Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Entry Steps. We have certified mastered technicians who specialize in Repairing and Servicing Entry Steps on Motorhomes and RVs.


Generator Repair and Service for your Motorhome 

Just like anything else, a generator for your RV can malfunction or fall into disrepair. However, because they are the item you count on in an emergency, generator repair is extremely important if you want something dependable powering your home when disaster strikes. Keeping your generator in good working order is a dual process of regular maintenance and prompt repair when a problem is noticed. Knowing more about RV generator repair can give you the performance you need when the chips are down, and peace of mind when they're not.

Preventative Tips
Your generator, like any vehicle, needs scheduled oil changes to run smoothly. RV generators, both gas and diesel, need to be exercised regularly. Gasoline generators can develop fuel related problems within as little as one month if left idle. A gummy residue from old fuel can clog the carburetor. Be sure to use a fuel preservative when your RV is in storage. However, you should still run the generator to heat the generator windings, counter moisture accumulation, lubricate your engine seals and prevent carbon build up. To exercise the generator, run for at least two hours monthly with a fifty percent load (turn on the air in the summer or heat in the winter = 2,000 watts). If your generator fails, look to accessories like the RV power inverter or RV power converter. An inverter converts DC to AC power, while a converter converts AC to DC. Also check the breaker for a trip or a blown fuse. Always consult your owner's manual or an RV parts and service store for your unit's load ratings, maintenance intervals and RV generator parts.

We Repair and Service RV Generators
Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Generator. We have certified mastered technicians who specialize in Repairing and Servicing generators in Motorhomes and RVs. Doing regular maintenance to keep your RV generator running properly will save you thousands.


Motor Home Battery Replacement and Upgrades

RV Battery Service
There are different battery types for very different purposes. A "chassis" battery starts the engine and runs the automotive systems in either the motor home or the tow vehicle. A "coach" battery powers the lights, furnace, water pump and other 12 volt devices in the coach. Engine Starting battery - this type of battery is constructed to supply a high amount of current in a short amount of time, as when starting a cold engine, and then it is recharged immediately by the engine alternator. The internal plates are thin to allow more contact area with the acid solution. This allows a great amount of chemical reaction to take place in a short period of time. The starting battery does its job very well but will perform poorly as a coach battery. Deep cycle/RV battery - this type of battery is built to supply relatively smaller amounts of current for relatively long periods of time without being recharged immediately. The internal plates are thick and robust to supply this continuing current but the power is distributed over a longer time span. A deep cycle battery will require a longer recharge time at a lower current level to be fully and safely recharged.

Preventative Tips for RV Batteries
Ways to keep your batteries working properly, for short periods of non-use flip the battery disconnect switch to off. That way no hidden energy users will drain it. For long term storage or winterization use a battery charger to charge it up completely. Store the battery indoors, away from cold temperatures and in a well-ventilated area. Another little trick is to keep the top of the battery free from dirt and grime. Otherwise it can conduct electricity and cause the battery to lose some of its charge. Also if you check the water level (top plates need to remain covered with distilled water only) of the battery every month and make sure it is clean it will last a lot longer.

We Service and Replace RV Batteries
Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Batteries. We have certified mastered technicians who specialize in Servicing and Repairing Batteries on Motorhomes and RVs.


Motor Home Fuel Filter Service and Replacement

RV Fuel Filter Replacement
Your fuel filter for your motorhome is one of those engine components that may only cost $10 or $20, but can protect your engine from thousands of dollars in damage if you change it regularly. Fuel filters for your RV protect some of the very delicate parts of your engine. Carburetors and fuel injection systems can be clogged up by the tiniest of particles, so a properly functioning fuel filter is very important. If your fuel filter starts to get clogged up, the fuel trying to flow through the filter to your engine gets stuck in line.

Preventative Tips for your Motorhome Fuel Filter
First off keeping a clean fuel filter will improve performance and gas mileage. The first step to making sure your vehicle keeps its fuel filter clean is to run a bottle of fuel treatment through your system once a month or every other fill up.



Motor Home Leveling Jacks Repair and Replacement

RV Leveling Jacks Repair and Service
Leveling jacks stabilize a recreation vehicle (RV) while in use. Leveling and stabilizing are not the same thing with an RV. Leveling ensures that the floor of the RV remains true and in older RVs, ensures that your refrigerator works properly. Stabilizing makes an RV more comfortable and solid. Do not attempt to level your RV with the leveling jacks or you can damage your RV frame. Use the leveling jacks only to provide support for your RV after you level the RV with blocking or other leveling devices.

Preventative Tips for RV Jacks
The first thing to consider when talking about the prevention of damage and or failure of leveling jacks is to avoid lifting the wheels too far off the ground. If you get the tires off the ground and get sidewise pressure (ex: high wind) the Motor Home can shift and the jacks bend, break, collapse, or otherwise fail. If the wheels must come up far enough to take them off the ground, drive up on pads than put an equal number of pads under the jacks. On most motorhomes the parking brake is on the rear wheels. If you take both of them off the ground it is best if the front wheels be well chocked.

We Repair and Service RV Leveling Jacks
Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Leveling Jacks. We have certified mastered RV technicians who specialize in Servicing and Repairing Leveling Jacks on Motorhomes and RVs.


Power Steering Service for your RV

RV Power Steering Service
Power steering may seem like a luxury you could live without (as if) but if it fails you could be putting yourself in danger, and a power steering fluid leak of low level can be the cause. A RV is designed to have power steering can be very hard to steer without it. If it goes suddenly, you could lose control of the vehicle and end up in a very bad place.

Preventative Tips for your RV Power Steering

It's best to check your power steering fluid when the engine is cold, but some Motorhomes have markings for checking it hot or cold. The reservoir that holds your power steering fluid can be found under the hood, usually on the passenger's side of the vehicle, but sometimes on the driver's side. It's usually on the side that has the belts in a smaller (transverse mount engine) RV. It will say "steering" on the top some kind of way in any case. Most RV’s these days have an opaque reservoir that allows you to check the level of the fluid without opening the container. Wipe it off for a clear view of the markings, and then check the level. If your Recreational vehicle doesn't have a clear reservoir, you'll need to remove the cap to check the level. Before you open it, take a rag and clean the cap and the area around it. Dirt can really irritate the system. The cap will have a dipstick built into it. Wipe the stick off, screw the cap on, then remove it again and check the level. With the cap off, slowly begin to fill the reservoir. It will rise quickly since the system holds very little fluid. Fill it to the MAX or FULL mark that corresponds to the engine temp (hot or cold). Be sure to replace the cap and tighten it up before you hit the road.

Poulsbo RV Provides Power Steering Service
Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Power Steering Unit. We have certified mastered RV technicians who specialize in Servicing and Repairing Power Steering Systems on Motorhomes and RV’s. Doing regular maintenance to keep your RV Power Steering working properly will save you hundreds. .


Recreational Vehicle Awning Repair for Holes and Rips

RV Awning Hole/Rip Repair
At the first indication of a rip, tear, or hole in your RV Awning, it is important that the rip does not get any longer or the hole any bigger. Small RV awning repairs are much easier to fix than replacing the whole awning. Repairing a rip or hole in an RV awning is similar to repairing a rip in a tent. If your rip is longer than 3 feet or 1/4 the length of the awning, you may want to have someone sew the section or you may need to replace the awning completely. Check with one of our technicians for additional information on replacing or repairing the damaged awning.

Preventative Tips
To avoid a making a small awning rip, or tear into a large awning be sure to repair any small holes, rips or tears in the awning as they appear. A small patch of awning tape is quick and easy to do and will lengthen the life of your RV awing. Of course the best way to prevent damage to the awning is to roll it up if you suspect bad weather.

We Fix RV Awnings
Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV and Motor Home awning repairs. We have Certified Mastered RV and Motorhome Technicians who specialize in Fixing and Repairing all Awning issues on RVs, Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels and Travel trailers.


Recreational Vehicle Coolant Servicing

As time goes on, coolant (antifreeze) wears out and builds up sludge, which can destroy an engine. This is why it is important to change the coolant in your RV regularly and properly maintain the cooling system. This can be done using a few common tools in a driveway, with access to a hose. Purchase a universal flush and fill kit at your local auto parts store or supermarket to do the job right and save time and money. Check all cooling system components for leaks or excessive wear.

We Provide RV Coolant Service

Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Coolant. We have certified mastered technicians who specialize in Servicing Coolant on Motorhomes and RVs.



Replacing Air Filter for your RV in your Recreational Vehicle

RV Air Filter Replacement
Your Air Filter is one of those engine components that may only cost $10 or $20, but can protect your RV engine from thousands of dollars in damage if you change it 15,000. A dirty air filter by itself will not cause any damage to the engine. However, it is not wise to operate a RV with a dirty air filter (or any dirty filter, for that matter), because the performance of the engine will be affected, and the risk to cause it serious damage is greatly enhanced. An internal combustion engine is basically an air-burning device. The air-fuel mix relation in gasoline engines is around 14 to 1. It means that the engine requires 14 parts of air for each part of gasoline it burns in order to generate power. An air filter's function is to clean the air before it gets into the engine's fuel injection system, by retaining dust and other particles contained in air. When an air filter gets clogged by dust and debris, air supply to the engine is reduced. This causes poor performance, high fuel consumption and eventually will cause damage to the engine.

Preventative Tips for RV Air Filters

First off keeping a clean Air filter can improve performance and gas mileage. The first step to making sure your vehicle keeps its air filter clean is to blow air through it and try to remove the dust and debris every time you do an oil change. Second step to keeping a clean air filter is to make sure to change it every 12-15,000 miles.

We Replace RV Air Filters

Poulsbo RV has certified mastered RV technicians who specialize in Servicing and Replacing Air filters on Motorhomes and RVs. Doing regular maintenance to keep your RV Air Filter working properly will save you money.


RV Appliance Service, Installation, Repair and Replacement

RV Appliance Service and Repair
Appliance manufacturers recommend cleaning and servicing your appliances on an annual basis; even if you do not use them a lot. Some RV warranties require this be done. Spiders, wasps, and other little critters can build nests inside your appliance compartments clogging orifices, igniters and other crucial parts for proper operation.

Preventative Tips for RV Appliances

An annual cleaning and adjusting will add years of life to your appliances and also provide a safe environment for you and your loved ones. When planning to do an RV appliance service you cannot take any shortcuts, you must inspect and clean your Furnace, Refrigerator, Hot Water Heater, and Oven/Stove system, and even check your LP system for any dangerous leaks or repairs needed.

We Service and Repair RV Appliances

Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Appliances. We have certified mastered RV technicians who specialize in Servicing and Replacing Appliances on Motorhomes and RVs.



RV Slide Out Repair and Service

RV Slide Repair
RV slide outs add space and convenience to campers of all shapes and size. By and large, the mechanisms of slide outs are dependable and rather simple in terms of moving parts. The most common problem is with leaking around the top and sides. These are often relatively easy to fix. Mechanical, electrical or hydraulic problems are often quite a chore to repair. It could be as simple as replacing a fuse or repairing a wire. It could be as complex as having to replace or overhaul a hydraulic system.

Preventative Tips for your RV Slide Outs

First and foremost, if you use your slides and you don’t have some sort of awning that unrolls over the top of the slide while it is extended, you will need to ensure you clear all the stuff that can land on the top. This will be a fast track to ruining your RV slide if you are not vigilant in this area. Next, make sure you fully extend the slide mechanism in the full open or full closed position while in use. It can put pressure on the seals if you do not properly open or close them. Be sure to grease all mechanical parts. Think of it as your engine, if it is well lubricated then it will perform better for a longer period of time. Finally applying a rubber rejuvenator once per year on the seals can extend the life of the seals.

We Repair and RV Slideouts

Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Slide. We have certified mastered technicians who specialize in Repairing and Servicing Slide-outs in Motorhomes and RVs. Doing regular maintenance to keep your RV slide out working properly will save you thousands.


Service, Replacement, Installation, or Upgrades for your RV Satellite

RV Satellite Repair
RV Satellite Repair
Your satellite is a very important part of your recreational vehicle, especially if you want to keep yourself entertained on your extended camping trips or extending road trips. Just make sure you aren't watching television while you are driving. When you are doing the maintenance, make sure you use a sturdy ladder to get to the satellite and be careful going up and down it.

Preventative Tips for RV Satellites
Monthly: Wash the exterior of the satellite and base plate assembly with fresh water, a mild detergent may be added to remove grime. Do not spray the dome directly with high-pressure water. Do not apply abrasive cleaners or volatile solvents such as acetone to the exterior. Annually: Visually inspect the elevation drive shaft to be certain that it moves easily and is clear of grit and debris. Clean and lubricate with silicone or white lithium grease as required. Make sure your RV antennae’s are lubricated and the seal in the unit hasn’t rotted out is important. Ensure the edges of the seal on the mount are caulked properly.

We Service and Replace RV Satellites

Contact Poulsbo RV today for help with your RV Satellite. We have certified mastered technicians who specialize in Repairing and Servicing Satellites on Motorhomes and RVs.





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