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Trying to sell your own RV can be a nightmare. Preparing the RV to
sell (detailing, electrical and mechanical repair), advertising,
availability, etc., is difficult enough, not taking into account the hassle of haggling with the potential customer. When it comes time to sell your RV, it only makes sense to benefit from letting the #1 volume
RV dealer sell your RV for you.

  • -No selling or storage FEES
  • -Most Consignments sell within 30 days
  • -Thousands of visits daily
  • -The Largest RV advertiser in the NW
  • -Five locations in Washington State
  • -Thousands of customer visits monthly
  • -Over 90 knowledgeable sales people
  • -We offer competitive financing and warranties for buyers
  • -We take care of everything for you!


Poulsbo RV’s advertising efforts bring in hundreds of potential buyers each week. Our advertising includes, broadcast television, radio advertising, newspapers throughout Washington State, Direct mail, plus, our website is also a very powerful medium that we use to sell your RV and many other advertising medias.

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With Five locations in Washington State (Fife, Kent, Everett, Mount Vernon, and Auburn) and being the Northwest #1 volume dealer you’ll feel confident that Poulsbo RV is the best choice to consign your RV. Why would you consign your RV with a small dealership that doesn’t advertise? Why would you consign with a Mom and Pop dealership that only See’s 10-15 prospective buyers in a week, when Poulsbo RV receives over 1,000 inquires just on website alone?


If you attempt to sell your own RV, and you get a potential buyer, the sale still might not take place because the potential buyer usually only has one source of financing. Our financing specialists are experts at finding favorable financing the customer. This greatly increases the chance of selling your RV quickly and painlessly.



Since many buyers have concerns about buying a used RV a good Extended service Agreement provides our buyers with comfort and “peace of mind” in their buying decision. Our Extended Service Contract specialists are experts at finding possible extended warranties for later-model RVs. These Extended Service Contracts are paid for by the customer, so there is no additional cost to you. RV Sales Specialists with the above benefits are put together with several experienced RV salespeople. We have the experience in each of the above areas that will ensure a pleasant sales experience for you and the customer. Contact Consignment today and get started getting cash for your RV.

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